21 of February 2013- A total of 1,041 children ages 3-5 received their first supply of milk drinks as part of their being beneficiaries of the Milk Feeding Project initiated by the BUTIL Party-List in cooperation with the National Dairy Authority. At least 2,082 packs of chocolate- flavoured milk drinks were delivered by the authorized milk supplier, the Karlen’s Fresh Milk based in Angeles City Pampanga.

The said volume is intended for two days, as specified the Memorandum of Agreement signed by the parties involved – the National Dairy Authority, Municipal Health of Arayat, and BUTIL Party-List. Milk Suppliers are delivered every Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for six months. Since one of the project’s intentions is to improve the health and nutritional state of the children, the personnel of the rural health units will monitor their weight before the start of the project, while the project is on-going and at the end of six months.

The project is being implemented in Baranggays’ that are covered by three Rural Health Units (RHUs) under the Municipal Health of Arayat. A total of 312 children are from RHU 1 under the management of the Municipal Health Office of Arayat. A total of 349 children are from RHU 2 and 380 children are from RHU 3.